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How To Decorate Your Home With Bronze Statues

How To Decorate Your Home With Bronze Statues

If you are looking for great ideas for decorating with sculptures, or, more precisely, bronze sculptures, you are at the right space of the internet.

Bronze can bring a subtle beauty and grace to your interior design like no other material. The metal has a rich and long history of contributing luxury to home decors. So, it comes as no surprise that it’s still trendy even at this age and people go Ga-Ga over bronze statues, furniture, and accents.

Since bronze is a formidable metal, it demands attention. At the same time, you don’t want to give it all the attention. So you have to find the right balance to decorate your home with bronze decorations.

And that’s why you would want to know about the best tips on how to decorate your interiors with bronze sculptures as early as possible.

Different Ideas To Decorate Your Home With Bronze Statues

Here’s some of the best ideas on how to enhance the beauty and richness of your home with bronze statues –


Placement is a big deal when it comes to something as rich and strong as bronze sculptures. If you are considering something large, then you better take it in the living room, or the study, or even better, outside in the garden, or in the yard.

Remember, big designs such as statues need adequate space and lots of attention. So, don’t cram a divine piece with your other furniture in a small space.

Allow your sculptures to breathe in harmony with the other aspects of your decorations.

If you want to adorn your home with relatively moderate, or smaller statues, you can make space for them in your reading room, hallways, living room, and even along the staircases.

Complete with the right colors

Bronze has a looming and strong presence. It’s also fashionable, warm, and inviting. But what color goes well with bronze to make your home look tasteful, yet not museum-like?
Bronze has a superior, rich essence that might clash with your other mementos, or furniture, if you’re not careful.

If you prefer a modern look for your interior design, go for contrast. Bronze goes well with white, eggshell, and ivory, as well as bold colors such as moss green, grey, and brown.

While the white, ivory, and eggshell colors will highly contrast your bronze statue, bringing the metal accessory into prime focus, other colors such as brown, green, and grey will mute the boldness of the metal in a harmonize fashion.

Then there are teal, navy blue, turquoise, and even burgundy that synchronize with your bronze sculpture in a classic style.

You can paint your walls with a complimenting color or two, as well as use other accessories of matching colors to pair with your bronzes.

Get different types of colorful bronze statues here that match your interior colors.

Make a statement

If your bronze statue is supposed to be the showstopper, then don’t put it in a crowded space. Let it talk on its own with its sole presence, and just leave it alone with minimal decoration.

To place a statement bronze sculpture, you can choose the living room, or the hallway with little to no distraction.

Choose a spacious corner to display your sculpture. If the three-dimensional arrangement requires boldness, place it in the middle of your living room to set a delightful contrast.

Display in different ways

Displaying the smaller bronze sculptures in a showcase or on top of a surface is a delicate touch to your interior design.

You can put a statement table in a nicely lit, focused corner in your house, and arrange your bronze sculptures on top of it.

Or, you can use a contrasting surface, preferably made with chrome or linoleum, to show off your charming bronze accessories.

You can also display your bronze statues on a shelf in your living room, or in the study. If you have various smaller bronze knickknacks, you can dedicate a section of a shelf just for the bronze richness.

Little bronze sculptures draw attention if you place them in cabinets with a glass window or bare cabinets. You can find cabinets in all shapes and sizes as per your needs.

bronze statues on a shelf in your living room

Don’t hide your sculptures

Don’t put your beautiful sculptures in a shadowy place, or above or below the eye level.
After all, what’s the purpose of decorating your home with the aesthetic bronze pieces if people can’t see them?

Make sure your sculptures get the required attention by putting them in a well-lit, quiet space. Also, take great care of placing them where people can easily see them.

Put them on a pedestal

Putting people on a pedestal might not be a good idea, but you can almost always put your bronze statues on a pedestal for safety and aesthetic reasons.

You can choose pedestals in various sizes and shapes to support and compliment your metal friends.

Why bronze interior design is the best?

You might question, why is bronze so popular in the interior design industry?

Well, here are a few well-found reasons below –

Highly contrasting

If you are looking for something strong and individual to represent your style, there is nothing better than a bronze sculpture. Its rich color and classy appearance will definitely demand attention from its audience. The metal goes very well in a high-contrast setting, so you don’t have to worry about it being out of place or awkward.

A win-win metal

Bronze has an interesting aspect that will make both minimalists and maximalists happy. Because this clever metal looks good in modern, minimal settings, as well as classy, rich interior settings.

So, whether you prefer modern designs, or the old ways, you always have bronze sculptures as complimentary home accessories.

Charming and warm

The metal’s warm presence makes your home more inviting and homely. Bringing bronze into your interior design automatically creates a warm and a lovely atmosphere to your home.

Where can I purchase bronze statues?

You can look around the craft shops or antique stores near you to get bronze accessories. Or, you can find online stores such as nifao that deliver art crafts via the internet. On nifao, you will find a vast array of bronze collection along with other art crafts such as modern wall art, unique chandeliers, wooden sculptures, and so on. In simple words, at this place, you will find everything you need for your personalized interior design.

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