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How To Clean Garden Statues | A Useful Guide for Maintaining Statues

How To Clean Garden Statues

Garden statues, fountains, and other decorative can make your garden come alive nicely. To keep your garden statues looking nice and preserve their shelf-life well, you need to clean them properly and regularly.

But how to clean garden statues properly? Be it bronze, stone, or concrete statues, you must take care of your garden statues to keep them in good health.

What Do You Need To Clean Your Garden Statues?

The primary materials for statues are bronze, stone, marble, concrete, polyresin, and iron. To clean any of these types of garden sculptures, you will need the following items –

  • Water
  • Liquid dish soap (non-toxic, preferably environment-friendly)
  • Soft cloth
  • Scrub brush
  • A towel
  • A water hose if needed, not the power washer

Garden statues can get extra dirty and muddy due to their outdoor placement. Nonetheless, you can use the aforementioned items to clean your statues without any trouble.

4 Steps Of Cleaning Garden Statues

  • First, water down your statue properly.
  • Then soak a soft cloth in soapy water to thoroughly clean the statue. If the sculpture resides any strong dirt, carefully clean it with a scrub brush.
  • Be careful while cleaning the delicate parts as the joints/bends can easily get broken.
  • Rinse your sculpture with water and use a towel to dry it properly.
cleaning garden statues

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What To Keep In Mind While Cleaning Garden Statues?

Do not use harsh, chemical-based cleaning products on your garden sculptures. They can harm your statue as well as the plants.

If you need to use a water hose, make sure the force of the spray doesn’t break or crack the statue.

Don’t clean concrete statues if the temperature is close to or below freezing. The material absorbs water quickly and might result in cracks in the sculptures.

Bronze: To keep your bronze statues shiny, you can use coat the sculptures with clear wax after following the cleaning ritual. And then wipe away the excess delicately with a soft cloth.

Iron: Before cleaning iron sculptures, first, scrape the surface with sandpaper and a wire brush.

Wood: Wood statues can rot away if you don’t dry them properly. After cleaning, raise the statue from the ground and let it dry properly before replacing it.

Most garden statutes are pretty easy to clean. They don’t require any fancy products or methods for cleaning. However, cleaning regularly and correctly is the secret of shiny garden statues.

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What Is Cold Cast Bronze Sculpture?

What Is Cold Cast Bronze Sculpture?

Bronze sculptures can come in two different forms – one is foundry or hot cast, and the other one is cold cast resin or bounded.

Whether you are purchasing a bronze sculpture for your private space or ordering one for public spaces, you need to know about both types of bronze statues. Because the difference between the two types of processing can help you choose the right sculpture in terms of price, longevity, and preference.

What is cold cast bronze sculpture?

Cold cast bronze or bounded bronze is a great option when you are looking for a less pricey way to buy a bronze statue.

Process of cold cast bronze statues

Bronze resin sculpture, also known as “cold cast bronze” or bonded bronze, is created by blending bronze powder with epoxy, polyester, or another resin and pouring the mixture into a reusable rubber mold.

The process doesn’t include the “long wax” process which is a significant step in the hot cast bronze process. To secure the shape, artists use fiberglass and resin in the cold casting process. Artists generally use bronze color or patina on the surface of the statue to give it a bronzed look.

To make their sculptures appear made of other materials such as iron, stone, gold, copper, etc. artists use different color powders in the polyester mix. On top of that, they can always use a color on the surface of the sculpture to make it look as required.

How long do cold cast bronze sculptures last?

Whether you are commissioning for a cold cast bronze sculpture or foundry artistry, you should know how long they last.

Indoor cold cast resin sculptures can last an unspecified period of time given the circumstances. These sculptures’ shelf life depends on various factors. They can get damaged pretty quickly in hot temperatures.

Furthermore, they are more fragile in comparison to foundry bronze sculptures. So, statues made by cold casting can get easily broken, and fractured.

Indoor man cold cast resin sculptures

Also, dropping or knocking can easily break or crack the sculptures. In addition, depending on the shape, cracks can appear in these statues which can damage them if not taken care of quickly.

Outdoor bounded sculptures generally have a shelf life of 35-40 years, and at most, they can last up to 50 to 100 years.

Outdoor cold cast statues are more prone to environmental damage than indoor sculptures. Along with hot weather, water can damage these artistries as well. Especially, the parts that collect water frequently can get damaged quickly.

That being said, resin sculptures are easier and less costly to mend than hot cast bronze statues.
You can get the mending information of your sculpture from the artists or sellers. They can arrange casters for your statues near your location.

If you are looking for inexpensive bronze statues, you can easily opt for cold cast resin sculptures.


Bounded or cold cast bronze sculptures normally weigh less than foundry sculptures. Although, it’s not always true. Artists sometimes fill the bounded sculptures with various materials to give them more weight against wind or to stand grounded safely. So, you may find cold cast statues that weigh the same or more than hot cast statues.

We do not recommend filling the larger sculptures with weighing materials as they make the artistries difficult to move from one place to another. There are other options such as internal steel reinforcement, or a beam construction to bury it underground to make the sculpture wind-resistant.

How To Take Care of Cold Cast Bronze Sculptures

Taking Care of Cold Cast Bronze Sculptures

Various factors, including the climate, external harm, bird excrement, sap from certain trees, and time can play a role in the appearance and shelf-life of your bronze sculptures.

If you are thinking about purchasing bounded bronze statues, there are a few things that you should consider to get the best out of your purchase.

1. Be it cold cast or hot cast statues, the patina or the coating on the surface of the sculptures will change over the years. In hot cast statues, the appearance becomes green over time due to oxidization, which some people prefer. If you want to keep your sculpture looking shiny and bronzed, perform wax coating twice a year to delay the changing effects.

2. Cold cast statues are more vulnerable to cracks, and weather-related damages. Hot and cold weather can have damaging effects on cold cast artistries.

We recommend you place your sculptures in a safe place and try to keep them in a place with a controlled temperature.

Since you can’t keep the outdoor bounded sculptures in a temperature-controlled place, place them in a shaded place to protect them from hot weather.

As for the winter months, keep them waterproofed and bubble-wrapped to keep them from contracting and damaging. Also, if a bounded bronze sculpture has water features, remove or turn off the water features in the colder months to protect the pipes from expanding and bursting from the frozen water.

3. Handle the cold cast resin statues with care as they are not as strong as hot cast bronze sculptures. Whenever handling bounded artistries, hold them by the thick parts instead of picking them up by the thinner parts to avoid breakages.

Frequently Asked Question

Should I purchase resin statues?

Resin statues are relatively inexpensive and are a great substitute for hot cast bronze statues.

What is hot cast bronze sculpture?

In hot cast sculpture making, artists first create a hollow wax shape of the sculpture. Then they add a thick ceramic layer to coat the shape and leave it to dry completely. Once the shape is completely dry, they melt away the wax (hence, the method is called the “lost wax” method) and pour molten hot bronze inside the hollow shell.

After the sculpture is cooled, they smash away the ceramic layer to expose the bronze shape. Afterward, the surface of the shape is blow-torched with chemicals and/or patina. As the last step of the process, the sculptures are polished with wax.

How to know the difference between a hot cast and a cold cast statue?

Sound is the most effective way to tell the difference between hot cast and bounded resin statues.
If the sculpture sounds metallic when you tap it with another metal, you can tell that it’s a hot cast bronze sculpture.

Cold cast sculptures sound thick and muted when tapped with a metal object.

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How Long Do Bronze Statues Last?

How Long Do Bronze Statues Last?

Since bronze statues can be pretty expensive, it’s natural to think about their shelf life. If you are going to get a sculpture – be it new from a store, or an antique piece from an auction, you should know how long it’s going to last before corrosion starts to eat away your statue.

The good thing about bronze sculptures is that they can last a very long time in a relatively normal environment. There are still numerous bronze sculptures around that are hundreds or even a thousand years old.

How long can bronze statues last?

Bronze is one of the strongest alloys on earth. Perhaps, it’s because it’s not made of singular metal. Instead, bronze is an amalgam of copper and tin, and sometimes a mixture of some other materials as well.

reddish-brown color man made from bronze

This man-made alloy has a reddish-brown color which is known as the color “Bronze”.

Copper, which is a very strong metal creates a barrier when exposed to other elements. And since copper plays the lead role in the making of bronze, bronze sculptures get the advantage of a long shelf life.

How to ensure the safety of bronze statues?

Yes, we mentioned above that bronze is almost indestructible. Yet, some things can decay your bronze sculptures.

Here are some ways to prevent bronze decay –

1. Ensure Real bronze artifact

The first thing you have to do is to make sure that the statue in concern is made with real bronze alloy. There are two types of bronze sculptures – hot cast or foundry bronze sculptures, and cold cast resin or bounded bronze sculptures.

If your sculpture is a hot cast, then you can rest assured that it will last for a very long time.

Characteristics of hot cast bronze statues –

  • Sound – a hot cast bronze statue will sound more metallic when you tap it with something metal, such as your wedding ring.
  • Color – foundry or hot cast bronze sculptures have a lustrous, bronze color with gold highlights. However, the same luster of bronze can be gained with certain technics. So, depending solely on color is not a great idea for determining foundry bronze.

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What you shouldn’t count while determining a hot cast bronze are –

Weight: Weight can play a tricky role in determining whether a bronze statue is hot cast or cold cast. Although foundry bronze statues normally weigh more, cold cast statues can weigh the same given the circumstances.

Temperature: Since the alloy bronze conducts heat from its environment, if the temperature in the environment is cool, the sculpture will feel cool as well. Similarly, on a hot day, the sculpture will be incredibly hot. So, don’t determine whether a sculpture is foundry or cold cast resin just by its temperature.

The shelf life of bronze statues also depends on the amount of bronze used in the sculpting process.

2. Prevent bronze disease

Bronze disease refers to the corrosion that eats away the metal. When exposed to chloride and water, a chemical reaction occurs in the alloy. The result can make the sculpture’s surface form a powdery green substance. Similar to rust, this corrosion can highly damage bronze sculptures.

So, whenever cleaning your bronze statues, be careful while using chloride substances. Instead, use a cleaning product especially made for cleaning bronze sculptures.

Bronze sculptures can also gather white or blue substances if exposed to chlorine. You can clean the artifact with a wet cloth to remove the gathering.

You can prevent bronze disease by regularly examining the artifacts and controlling the humidity by keeping it below 39%.

3. Keep a regular maintenance

Be it foundry bronze sculptures or bounded bronze statues, if you take care of your sculptures, they will have a long shelf life.

Wipe your sculptures with a soft cloth and cleaning material every once in a while to keep the luster and shine intact. If the sculpture is cold cast, prevent it from overheating by keeping it in indoors or in a shadowy, cool place.

Bottom Line

If you have purchased a bronze sculpture, then you will be happy to know that you have chosen a very sustainable material that has the ability to last for a very long time.

So, you might have something as a family heritage that you can pass on to your descendent as well. Follow the methods above to determine the bronze casting and to extend the shelf life of your bronze statues.

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How To Decorate Your Home With Bronze Statues

How To Decorate Your Home With Bronze Statues

If you are looking for great ideas for decorating with sculptures, or, more precisely, bronze sculptures, you are at the right space of the internet.

Bronze can bring a subtle beauty and grace to your interior design like no other material. The metal has a rich and long history of contributing luxury to home decors. So, it comes as no surprise that it’s still trendy even at this age and people go Ga-Ga over bronze statues, furniture, and accents.

Since bronze is a formidable metal, it demands attention. At the same time, you don’t want to give it all the attention. So you have to find the right balance to decorate your home with bronze decorations.

And that’s why you would want to know about the best tips on how to decorate your interiors with bronze sculptures as early as possible.

Different Ideas To Decorate Your Home With Bronze Statues

Here’s some of the best ideas on how to enhance the beauty and richness of your home with bronze statues –


Placement is a big deal when it comes to something as rich and strong as bronze sculptures. If you are considering something large, then you better take it in the living room, or the study, or even better, outside in the garden, or in the yard.

Remember, big designs such as statues need adequate space and lots of attention. So, don’t cram a divine piece with your other furniture in a small space.

Allow your sculptures to breathe in harmony with the other aspects of your decorations.

If you want to adorn your home with relatively moderate, or smaller statues, you can make space for them in your reading room, hallways, living room, and even along the staircases.

Complete with the right colors

Bronze has a looming and strong presence. It’s also fashionable, warm, and inviting. But what color goes well with bronze to make your home look tasteful, yet not museum-like?
Bronze has a superior, rich essence that might clash with your other mementos, or furniture, if you’re not careful.

If you prefer a modern look for your interior design, go for contrast. Bronze goes well with white, eggshell, and ivory, as well as bold colors such as moss green, grey, and brown.

While the white, ivory, and eggshell colors will highly contrast your bronze statue, bringing the metal accessory into prime focus, other colors such as brown, green, and grey will mute the boldness of the metal in a harmonize fashion.

Then there are teal, navy blue, turquoise, and even burgundy that synchronize with your bronze sculpture in a classic style.

You can paint your walls with a complimenting color or two, as well as use other accessories of matching colors to pair with your bronzes.

Get different types of colorful bronze statues here that match your interior colors.

Make a statement

If your bronze statue is supposed to be the showstopper, then don’t put it in a crowded space. Let it talk on its own with its sole presence, and just leave it alone with minimal decoration.

To place a statement bronze sculpture, you can choose the living room, or the hallway with little to no distraction.

Choose a spacious corner to display your sculpture. If the three-dimensional arrangement requires boldness, place it in the middle of your living room to set a delightful contrast.

Display in different ways

Displaying the smaller bronze sculptures in a showcase or on top of a surface is a delicate touch to your interior design.

You can put a statement table in a nicely lit, focused corner in your house, and arrange your bronze sculptures on top of it.

Or, you can use a contrasting surface, preferably made with chrome or linoleum, to show off your charming bronze accessories.

You can also display your bronze statues on a shelf in your living room, or in the study. If you have various smaller bronze knickknacks, you can dedicate a section of a shelf just for the bronze richness.

Little bronze sculptures draw attention if you place them in cabinets with a glass window or bare cabinets. You can find cabinets in all shapes and sizes as per your needs.

bronze statues on a shelf in your living room

Don’t hide your sculptures

Don’t put your beautiful sculptures in a shadowy place, or above or below the eye level.
After all, what’s the purpose of decorating your home with the aesthetic bronze pieces if people can’t see them?

Make sure your sculptures get the required attention by putting them in a well-lit, quiet space. Also, take great care of placing them where people can easily see them.

Put them on a pedestal

Putting people on a pedestal might not be a good idea, but you can almost always put your bronze statues on a pedestal for safety and aesthetic reasons.

You can choose pedestals in various sizes and shapes to support and compliment your metal friends.

Why bronze interior design is the best?

You might question, why is bronze so popular in the interior design industry?

Well, here are a few well-found reasons below –

Highly contrasting

If you are looking for something strong and individual to represent your style, there is nothing better than a bronze sculpture. Its rich color and classy appearance will definitely demand attention from its audience. The metal goes very well in a high-contrast setting, so you don’t have to worry about it being out of place or awkward.

A win-win metal

Bronze has an interesting aspect that will make both minimalists and maximalists happy. Because this clever metal looks good in modern, minimal settings, as well as classy, rich interior settings.

So, whether you prefer modern designs, or the old ways, you always have bronze sculptures as complimentary home accessories.

Charming and warm

The metal’s warm presence makes your home more inviting and homely. Bringing bronze into your interior design automatically creates a warm and a lovely atmosphere to your home.

Where can I purchase bronze statues?

You can look around the craft shops or antique stores near you to get bronze accessories. Or, you can find online stores such as nifao that deliver art crafts via the internet. On nifao, you will find a vast array of bronze collection along with other art crafts such as modern wall art, unique chandeliers, wooden sculptures, and so on. In simple words, at this place, you will find everything you need for your personalized interior design.

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Lighten Up Your Home with These Dazzling Chandeliers

Chandelier lightings

Trying to dazzle your home with some lighting? If you are aiming for something a little grand and dramatic, chandeliers might be the best option for you. 

In this article, we desire to give you some of the best chandelier options so you can have the perfect light fixture for your home.

What is a chandelier?

According to Cambridge Dictionary, a chandelier is a decorative light that hangs from the ceiling. 

A chandelier lighting typically consists of some parts to hold the bulbs or candles. Although, nowadays, most modern chandeliers are made to hold bulbs and not candles like in the old times. 

Types of Chandeliers for lightening up your place

1. Crystal Chandelier

Whenever we think about chandelier lighting, the first thing that pops into our minds is the crystal chandelier. 

If you want a brilliant glow in your place, there is nothing that works better than a crystal design. Crystal chandeliers reflect dazzling light that can dramatically change the look of your place.

If you are looking for something formal and a bit old-fashioned, a crystal chandelier will be a nice pick for you.

That’s not to say that it doesn’t work with modern design. Crystal works for almost everything, don’t you think?

2. Empire Chandelier

Empire chandelier – another traditional chandelier that creates a magical atmosphere in any place. This type of chandelier comes in a distinct inverted cone-like shape and is usually accentuated with crystals or other ornamentations. 

Empire chandelier lightings have a long and rich history that reaches back to medieval France. 

If you are looking for something a little subdued yet mesmerizing, an empire-style chandelier would be perfect for you.

3. Center Bowl Chandelier

A center bowl chandelier is typically designed in a bowl-like shape where smaller bowls surround the center bowl. 

These lighting fixtures come in various designs, but still, preserve the basic bowl design of the light. 

A center bowl chandelier can work in both large spaces such as the living room and comparatively small spaces such as the bedroom.

4. Sputnik Chandelier 

 If you are thinking of something a little modern, we have got you covered with the brilliant and cool sputnik chandeliers. 

Unlike the typical chandeliers that usually come in tiers, sputnik chandeliers come in a bit unconventional design. These lighting fixtures typically look like spikes with bulb heads coming out from a center point, which, by the way, looks pretty cool in a modern setting. 

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Modern Vs Contemporary Art: Key Differences

Modern Vs Contemporary Art

Different art movements represent different times, values, and perspectives. Two significant art movements – Modern and Contemporary, also represent sharp contrast between the two eras.

Modern art and contemporary art are sometimes mistakenly considered the same. Whereas, in fact, these two movements are quite different from each other. 

In this article, we will discuss the key differences between modern art and contemporary art.

Contemporary Art Vs Modern Art

Modern art:


Art from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, from 1880 to the 1960s, is included in the Modern Art era. It is the era that came after the Romantic period and before the contemporary period.

 A direct contrast to romanticism, modernism came into existence after French painter Gustav Courbet started the movement of “realistic” art. He wanted to present art in a way that was real, instead of exaggerating anything. 

Whereas romanticism is all about naturalism, modern art is about what the eyes see. 

Contemporary art: Contemporary or the current art period started roughly around 1946 and still continues to the present day. In other words, artworks made by living artists are considered contemporary works.


Modern art was heavily influenced by individualism. It represented the perspective of the artist rather than rule-bound academic art. The movement was a sharp challenge to the previous Romantic period. 

The modern art period encompassed various art movements including impressionism, post-impressionism, fauvism, expressionism, cubism, surrealism, and abstract expressionism.

Famous modern art paintings:

  • The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh (1889)
  • Las Dos Fridas (The Two Fridas) by Frida Kahlo (1939)
  • The Water Lilies Series by Claude Monet (1896-1926)
  • The Scream by Edvard Munch (1893)
  • Les Demoiselles D’Avignon by Pablo Picasso (1907)

Contemporary art:

whereas modern art represented individualism, contemporary art is heavily influenced by cultural impact, social changes, economic and political issues, etc. The contemporary art period includes major movements such as conceptual, minimalism, post-modern, feminism, etc. 

Famous contemporary artworks:

  • Maman by Louise Bourgeois (1990)
  • Campbell’s Soup Cans by Andy Warhol (1962)
  • Untitled by Jean-Michel Basquiat (1981)
  • Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures) by David Hockney (1972)
  • Girl with Balloon by Banksy (2002)

  1. Medium 

Another aspect that separates modern art and contemporary art is the medium of art.

The medium of modern art was always the canvas. Modern Artists used paints and brushes to express their beliefs and values.

On the other hand, contemporary art is not bound by any single medium. You can find contemporary art on various platforms including canvas, video, images, and so on. Since contemporary art has been associated with the latest technologies, we can see how its medium is influenced by our current period.

Why do we need to understand the differences between modern and contemporary arts?

At the end of the day, art is art. 

However, in order to understand and study history, we must understand the differences between different art movements. 

Because art is not only about the artist, art represents the history, culture, values, and even the future. So, be it historians, or art enthusiasts, it is important to understand the similarities and differences between modern and contemporary art movements.

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Lighting for Statues: Things You Should Consider About

Lighting for statues

Lights are magical. With the right placement and angle, they can make even the most ordinary object appear extraordinary. Even something creative as statues need good lighting for us to see their best features. Because when it’s dark, we can’t see the beauty of the sculptures as perfectly as we can see them in the daylight. 

That’s why, we need lighting for statues, so you can enjoy the view of your sculpture any time – regardless of the absence of natural light.

However, just buying some random lights won’t do the job. You have to consider a few things before buying lighting for your statue.

Find the best feature of your sculpture

Just like every smart person works – enhances their best features and hides the imperfections – we need to do the same for the sculptures as well. 

Find out what is the best part of your sculpture. And then, place and angle the light or several lights to bring out the best feature in light. 

Since in the dark, the light can play with the shadow of your sculpture, make sure the shadows don’t fall over the wrong places. Otherwise, your statue will look like something else than what it is.

Get the appropriate lighting for statues

Before buying your light, you have to check the ratings and make sure that the lighting is suitable for the environment. 

If it’s an outdoor sculpture, then either you have to place the lighting in the shade where bad weather can’t affect it or get the lighting that can withstand the rain, storm, etc. Also, consider any types of electrical hazards before placing your lights.  

Consider the varieties of lights

You can enhance the magnificence of your sculpture with the right kind of lighting. You can find various types of lighting for statues in the market from where you can choose something that compliments your object of focus. 

Smartly create shadows

Just as lighting is important for your statue, the shadow also plays a great role in making the object look more interesting. To get the best view, you can try adjusting the light angle. Once you’re satisfied, your sculpture will look more mysterious in the nighttime.

Don’t forget about lighting pollution

It’s thoughtful to manage your lighting placement and brightness so that it doesn’t bother any of the nearby residents. If you put the lighting at a bad angle, it might bother the neighbors and get you into trouble as well.

So, make sure you place your lighting for statues smartly so as to avoid any type of problem mentioned above.

These tips above will help you find the best lighting for sculptures and give you an otherworldly view of the sculpture even at night time.

Types of lights to consider 

There are many types of lights from which you can choose whatever enhances your statue the most. Just make sure the light of your choice gives off enough brightness to lighten up your statue in the best way possible. Flood light, outdoor wall lighting, spotlights, etc. work nicely as lighting for statues.

To check our Unique Chandelier Lighting collections, Click on this link.

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The Monkey Balls Statue and Other Unusual Sculptures

The Monkey Balls Statue and Other Unusual Sculptures

When it comes to art, you know it might make you feel good, or make you feel “Whoa!” 

Some artists have a weird sense of humor and they simply want the world to drop its jaw at their creations. The Monkey Balls Statue or the King Kong Balls statue, the Tripping Policeman, and the Hand of the Desert are just to name a few. 

These statues and sculptures will make you wonder what was the sculptors thinking when they created these unusual things.  

Here are some of the most legendary statues all over the world that blew our minds with their strangeness and in some cases hilariousness. 

The Tripping Policeman, Brussels

It’s bad manners to laugh when someone trips over in front of you. But maybe, in this case, you may laugh as much as you want. Because the Tripping Policeman statue in Brussels, Belgium encourages you to smile at the falling man. The poor lawman must’ve been going on his way when the sneaky guy who was hiding in the manhole reached out his hand and toppled him. Perhaps, the funniest thing about this statue is the policeman’s panicked expression. He’s about to kiss the dirty ground, after all.

The Monkey Balls Statue, Prague

Talk about a dirty sense of humor. French artist Denis DeFrancesco must’ve been a fan of the mighty King Kong to make it his subject of sculpture. The monumental piece of art is made of pure bronze and the entire body is coated with blue patina, except for the testicles, which are gold-coated and stand out pretty hilariously. The large sculpture measures 504x210x225cms and weighs 2.300kg which pays a nice tribute to the large animals. Good luck ignoring the Monkey Balls Statue when you pass it by!

The Public Purse, Melbourne

You might have seen different types of purses in various sizes. But you haven’t seen any purse that has a dimension of 65 x 200 x 140 cm. Unless you count the famous one in Melbourne. The weird, but the pretty purse is made of Calca red granite and stainless steel. And according to its artist Simon Perry, the purse represents an interaction between the city and its residents, the public and the private.

So, if you see this thing lying in the street, don’t try to open it, you’ll just make yourself look silly.

Manneken Pis, Brussels

Brussels is the city of weird statues. The Mannekin Pis statue in Brussels is perhaps one of the most reproduced statues in the world. You may find it as an accessory or the source of water at many fountains. 

The little boy taking a leak is both adorable and hilarious. It measures 50 cm and not only the residents of Brussels but the whole world is obsessed with this cute 14th-century statue.

Paper Bag, Adelaide

Paper bag, anyone? Where everyone is thinking about horses, knights, and even the Monkey Balls Statue, someone sculpts this paper bag. Many might not even notice the unusual but so ordinary piece of bronze just erected so randomly. But some will notice, and they will surely wonder what a paper bag made of bronze doing there!

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Different Types of Stunning Bronze Water Fountain Statues

bronze water fountain statues

Why do we like bronze water fountain statues so much? Because besides being beautiful and amazing, a fountain is also a form of art. It expresses our fondness for life and freedom. The flowing water resembles life and expresses continuity. You can become mesmerized just by looking at a fountain. You can make fountain statues with various materials including bronze, stone, marble, and so on. But if you want your statue to fight harsh weather for years, you might want to choose bronze fountain statues. 

Recreate your garden or backyard with a stunning water fountain. Not only will it make your place look like a palace, but it will also make your neighbors envy you. Not to forget, it will hike the value of your property instantly. 

There are some popular types of bronze fountains that you will fall in love with instantly. Don’t worry, just because we said “popular”, it doesn’t mean that these can’t be unique at the same time. You can customize your statues or just choose some rare ones from art shops anytime. 

4 types of bronze water fountain statues

1. Aquatic life

This is probably the most diverse and popular category of bronze fountains. Aquatic life has such a deep connection with water fountains. So, it’s not odd that we would want to represent the beauty of sea life through these fountains. You can easily bring a sense of natural and exotic charm to your garden with these bronze fountains. Whether it is the Beautiful Girl holding a Sea Shell, the Blue Mermaid standing, the Little Mermaid holding a Shell, or the adventurous little girl in a frock holding out a turtle – you can find every fantasy aspect of the sea life to choose from. 

2. Bird kingdom

You can make your bronze water fountain statues look imaginative with different types of birds as well. Among many birds, Heron, Pelican, kingfisher, and a penguin are some of the most popular aquatic birds that can make your fountain look more alive. You can choose your favorite from a wide selection of statues including the Blue Heron with a beautiful long neck on a turtle, a Stunning Leaping Dolphin, and you can even find a Dragon on a rock if you’d like. 

3. The Vintage types

There are some statues that just never go out of fashion. Similarly, these vintage bronze water fountain statues like the Manneken Pis, Standing Boy Fishing, A Lady Holding out an Ever-flowing Water Pot, Angels Dancing, or the Typical Horse statues are always timeless. You can choose one of these and impress your visitors with your classy taste.

4. Children bronze fountains

You can not only entertain adults but children as well with your bronze fountain. You can choose the perfect statue from the large array of children’s bronze fountain statues. Like the one with Three Girls Dancing Around A Fountain, or the one with Two Boys Playing with A Bucket, and so on. Bring back your playfulness and joyful days with one of the adorable children’s bronze water fountain statues. 

Get the fountain you want:

We all have different preferences when it comes to designing our homes. That’s why we suggest Here, you can choose from various categories and designs of bronze fountains and make your home look more charming.

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Bronze Pit Bull Statue | The Best Way to Remember Your Dog

Bronze Pit Bull Statue

Are you looking for purchasing a bronze Pit Bull statue for your dog? Do you want to learn something about them? Whatever your reason is, this piece of writing will keep you entertained.

We all know how dogs are called man’s best friend. We see the proof of their loyalties and love towards their owners everywhere. 

So, it’s not that hard to understand why some people might want to remember these loyal friends in various ways – including building monuments.

In this blog, we are going to talk about a specific breed of dog – the American Pit Bull Terrier, or, called simply Pit Bull. Although, we are not saying that you can’t have a statue of your favorite dog of some other breed. Of course, you can. I just have an extra soft spot for Pit bulls.

Why choose bronze for a Pit Bull statue

Yes, why bronze? Why not the other materials such as stone, copper, or marble? 

The answer is that you can choose whatever material you like. But bronze tops the rank with its favorable characteristics. 

Bronze metal is stronger and more flexible than its contemporary metals such as copper, glass, marble, stone, etc.

Most sculptors prefer bronze when it comes to sculpting statues because they find bronze more flexible and easy to mold as they want. 

Not to forget, bronze is a lot cheaper than copper. So if you are on a budget, choosing bronze will be the best option for you.

Since bonze is an alloy, bad weather including rain and heat can’t affect it much either. It’s one of the reasons why we see so many bronze statues outside than statues made of other materials.

So, buying a bronze pit bull statue will save your cost, look great outside, as well as will be long-lasting.

Where to find a bronze Pit Bull statue

Whether you are looking for a memorial for your dog, or want to adorn your garden with one of these muscular pets, a bronze statue can be a great choice. 

Not only will a greatly-done statue make your place look nicer, but it will also make the children happy. 

You can get Pitbull bronze statues with interesting poses on nifao. It is a home for great art and artists from all over the world. And you can not only find dog statues, but also other bronze animal sculptures, bronze bird statues, bronze fountains, wall paintings, and other pieces of art at this place. 

Final Words

Pit Bulls are both handsome and fearsome dogs. They can be family-friendly and happy-go-lucky. Unfortunately, they have gained a bad reputation due to their part in dogfighting rings, which, obviously isn’t their fault. 

You can socialize pit bulls from an early age so they can follow your instructions without being rebellious. Characteristically, they are stubborn and free-spirited, but if you can tame them accordingly, they will be the most valuable friend you can have. 

Even if you just want to adorn your space with a dog statue, choose a bronze pit bull statue. They are a greatly misunderstood dog breed, and your sweet gesture can change people’s minds positively towards this lovely breed.