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Auguste Rodin Statues: The Thinker (Le Penseur) | The Poet

If you don’t know much about Rodin Statues, then it’s the best article for you to read.

Most statue enthusiasts are more or less familiar with Auguste Rodin. Rodin was a famous French sculptor who is also considered the father of modern art sculpture

Rodin had sculpted many famous bronze statues in his lifetime. However, among many Rodin statues, one stands apart due to its magnificence and intensity – The Thinker (Le Penseur)

Art analysts and enthusiasts have found many theories behind this famous sculpture. 

Since the creation is only a representation of its creator’s thoughts, many people have tried and still try to find out what was Rodin’s thoughts when he created his famous artwork.

A part of The Gates of Hell

The Thinker or La Penseur, as they call in French, is not a solitary work of Rodin. The famous sculptor had made this figure as a part of his other well-known work called The Gates of Hell

The Gates of Hell was a depiction of a scene from Italian Poet Dante’s “Inferno”. This sculpture depicts various figures in various poses at the gate of Dante’s “Hell”. 

The Thinker is part of the epic group that displays various emotions when they find themselves at the gate of sinners. 

What sets The Thinker from the rest of Rodin statues is its posture and intensity. Whereas, we see panicked and silently screaming figures, the Thinker sits pondering as a comparatively larger figure among others.

Standalone Version

The Thinker or The Poet had an air of mystery about him – and perhaps, that’s why Auguste Rodin had decided to do a standalone sculpture of this figure. 

The heroic size nude male statue sits hovering with the back of his palm under his chin. He sits on a rock and keeps one hand on his thigh, lightly gripping his knee. 

The figure is a fine example of craftsmanship, and it also represents what other Rodin statues represent – passion and intensity.

That is one of the reasons why the figure is also known as the Philosopher, along with his other names. 

Rodin used bronze as a material to sculpt this statue. It is 185 cm (73 inches) in height and has at least 27 other similar castings. This only proves the greatness of Rodin as a sculptor. Although sadly, he didn’t get his due as a world-famous sculptor until his death.

Other Rodin Statues

All of Rodin’s sculptures exude passion and depth about the characters. Along with the Poet, his other works also have an intense aura about themselves.

The Bronze Age

The Bronze Age was Auguste Rodin’s full-scale bronze statue that depicted a standing Belgian soldier. He sculpted this figure after he visited the Louvre, and saw Michelangelo’s Dying Slave

The statue is a beautiful combination of Michelangelo’s style and Rodin’s depiction of human nature. And thus, it stands as one of the best Rodin statues.

The Burghers of Calais

The Burghers of Calais is a well-known patriotic work of Rodin. He created it when the people of Calais decided to have a certain monument. The sculpture represents the six Calais men who sacrificed their lives to save fellow citizens. 

Rodin was clearly interested in the idea of being a part of such a great story. Hence, he created a praiseworthy work of art that we still admire very much.

Rodin statues radiate depth and sensuality as we can see in his works including the Kiss and the Poet. And the sculptor’s ability to bring forth emotions in such beautiful ways has made his sculptures so famous.

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