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Famous Animal Bronze Sculptures

Famous Animal Bronze Sculptures and Their Interesting Facts

It’s fascinating to look at the famous bronze statues. However, not only the looks, but it’s also the stories behind their creation that make the bronze sculptures more mysterious.

Over the ages, bronze has always been the most popular metal for sculpting. Sculptors have always found themselves comfortable with this metal because of its reliability and longevity. 

And thanks to this robust metal, we can still enjoy many of the bygone eras’ famous sculptures. 

Not only do sculptors create human figures with bronze, but they also make bronze animal statues, bronze bird statues, bronze fountains, etc.

In this article, however, we are only going to discuss some of the most famous bronze animal statues. 

Famous bronze sculptures of animals

Charging Bull

If you are a frequent visitor to Manhattan, then there is no way you could have possibly missed the famous bull sculpture that stations on Broadway. 

Its muscular body, charged with raw aggression only a bull can produce– the statue has a crowd of its own. 

This aggressive bull has a persona that pulls you in to have a second and a third look towards it every time you pass Broadway.

Around the year of 1987, Italian-born American artist Arturo Di Modica had sculpted this raging bull. The statue mainly represents the erratic behavior of the stock exchange market. 

Interestingly enough, the Charging Bull is still attracting art lovers from all over the world.

The Medici Riccardi Horse Head

Medici Riccardi’s Horse Head – is one of the most famous animal bronze sculptures all over the world. 

If you ever visit the National Archeological Museum in Florence, Italy, don’t forget to appreciate this horse head. Being one of the strangest animal statues, the horse head represents the war and valor of the ancient Greeks. 

As we were talking about bronze’s reliability, you’ll be surprised to know that the statue dates back to 325BCE. 

Unfortunately, the rest of the horse’s body is nowhere to find, and now all we have is its mysterious head.

The Husky Hero

How can we talk about the popular animal bronze sculptures, and not mention the sculpture of the heroic Siberian husky? 

Another New York resident, Balto, the Husky Hero earns its fame with its beautiful workmanship and an adorable attitude. Children and adults – everyone loves the sculpture and spends time taking pictures with it or just appreciating it blatantly. 

Moreover, the story behind this sculpture will tug at your heartstrings. 

In the year of 1925’s diphtheria epidemic in Nome, Alaska, the sled dog, Balto had bravely saved numerous children’s lives. And people have honored Balto with its statue in New York’s Central Park, where it still receives plenty of love.

Get Famous Animal Bronze Sculptures

If you are an animal lover and adore those animal statues, then you will find interest in other animal sculptures. 

The Tigers of Princeton, the Sea Lions in San Francisco, and the Secretariat bronze statue in Kentucky Horse Park are just to name a few.

These animal bronze sculptures will make you understand why animal statues get so much appreciation and love. Not to forget, the interesting stories behind their creation will satisfy your curiosity as well.

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