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bronze water fountain statues

Different Types of Stunning Bronze Water Fountain Statues

Why do we like bronze water fountain statues so much? Because besides being beautiful and amazing, a fountain is also a form of art. It expresses our fondness for life and freedom. The flowing water resembles life and expresses continuity. You can become mesmerized just by looking at a fountain. You can make fountain statues with various materials including bronze, stone, marble, and so on. But if you want your statue to fight harsh weather for years, you might want to choose bronze fountain statues. 

Recreate your garden or backyard with a stunning water fountain. Not only will it make your place look like a palace, but it will also make your neighbors envy you. Not to forget, it will hike the value of your property instantly. 

There are some popular types of bronze fountains that you will fall in love with instantly. Don’t worry, just because we said “popular”, it doesn’t mean that these can’t be unique at the same time. You can customize your statues or just choose some rare ones from art shops anytime. 

4 types of bronze water fountain statues

1. Aquatic life

This is probably the most diverse and popular category of bronze fountains. Aquatic life has such a deep connection with water fountains. So, it’s not odd that we would want to represent the beauty of sea life through these fountains. You can easily bring a sense of natural and exotic charm to your garden with these bronze fountains. Whether it is the Beautiful Girl holding a Sea Shell, the Blue Mermaid standing, the Little Mermaid holding a Shell, or the adventurous little girl in a frock holding out a turtle – you can find every fantasy aspect of the sea life to choose from. 

2. Bird kingdom

You can make your bronze water fountain statues look imaginative with different types of birds as well. Among many birds, Heron, Pelican, kingfisher, and a penguin are some of the most popular aquatic birds that can make your fountain look more alive. You can choose your favorite from a wide selection of statues including the Blue Heron with a beautiful long neck on a turtle, a Stunning Leaping Dolphin, and you can even find a Dragon on a rock if you’d like. 

3. The Vintage types

There are some statues that just never go out of fashion. Similarly, these vintage bronze water fountain statues like the Manneken Pis, Standing Boy Fishing, A Lady Holding out an Ever-flowing Water Pot, Angels Dancing, or the Typical Horse statues are always timeless. You can choose one of these and impress your visitors with your classy taste.

4. Children bronze fountains

You can not only entertain adults but children as well with your bronze fountain. You can choose the perfect statue from the large array of children’s bronze fountain statues. Like the one with Three Girls Dancing Around A Fountain, or the one with Two Boys Playing with A Bucket, and so on. Bring back your playfulness and joyful days with one of the adorable children’s bronze water fountain statues. 

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