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The Monkey Balls Statue and Other Unusual Sculptures

The Monkey Balls Statue and Other Unusual Sculptures

When it comes to art, you know it might make you feel good, or make you feel “Whoa!” 

Some artists have a weird sense of humor and they simply want the world to drop its jaw at their creations. The Monkey Balls Statue or the King Kong Balls statue, the Tripping Policeman, and the Hand of the Desert are just to name a few. 

These statues and sculptures will make you wonder what was the sculptors thinking when they created these unusual things.  

Here are some of the most legendary statues all over the world that blew our minds with their strangeness and in some cases hilariousness. 

The Tripping Policeman, Brussels

It’s bad manners to laugh when someone trips over in front of you. But maybe, in this case, you may laugh as much as you want. Because the Tripping Policeman statue in Brussels, Belgium encourages you to smile at the falling man. The poor lawman must’ve been going on his way when the sneaky guy who was hiding in the manhole reached out his hand and toppled him. Perhaps, the funniest thing about this statue is the policeman’s panicked expression. He’s about to kiss the dirty ground, after all.

The Monkey Balls Statue, Prague

Talk about a dirty sense of humor. French artist Denis DeFrancesco must’ve been a fan of the mighty King Kong to make it his subject of sculpture. The monumental piece of art is made of pure bronze and the entire body is coated with blue patina, except for the testicles, which are gold-coated and stand out pretty hilariously. The large sculpture measures 504x210x225cms and weighs 2.300kg which pays a nice tribute to the large animals. Good luck ignoring the Monkey Balls Statue when you pass it by!

The Public Purse, Melbourne

You might have seen different types of purses in various sizes. But you haven’t seen any purse that has a dimension of 65 x 200 x 140 cm. Unless you count the famous one in Melbourne. The weird, but the pretty purse is made of Calca red granite and stainless steel. And according to its artist Simon Perry, the purse represents an interaction between the city and its residents, the public and the private.

So, if you see this thing lying in the street, don’t try to open it, you’ll just make yourself look silly.

Manneken Pis, Brussels

Brussels is the city of weird statues. The Mannekin Pis statue in Brussels is perhaps one of the most reproduced statues in the world. You may find it as an accessory or the source of water at many fountains. 

The little boy taking a leak is both adorable and hilarious. It measures 50 cm and not only the residents of Brussels but the whole world is obsessed with this cute 14th-century statue.

Paper Bag, Adelaide

Paper bag, anyone? Where everyone is thinking about horses, knights, and even the Monkey Balls Statue, someone sculpts this paper bag. Many might not even notice the unusual but so ordinary piece of bronze just erected so randomly. But some will notice, and they will surely wonder what a paper bag made of bronze doing there!

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