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How Modern Art Helps You Deal With Depression In The Pandemic

How Modern Art Helps You Deal With Depression In The Pandemic

Bread and butter may satisfy our hunger, but to satisfy our soul we need art. Some of us like to paint, some like to curve statues from stone – the point is to create something in order to feel connected with life. There are many types of art movements that might interest you – Modern art, Renaissance, Contemporary, and so on. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of art you choose, as long as it gives you pleasure and peace you’re good to go.

But art is not all about pleasure, it has the great power of healing the soul and mind. Especially, at this time, when we are battling a pandemic and putting our mental health at great risk.

That’s why we desperately need some peace and happiness in this trying time. And fortunately, art can bring us some of that peace.

Modern art as a modern savior 

In this pandemic, we must stay isolated and keep our distance from our loved ones. This social distance has made things worse than ever – especially it has affected our mental health badly. And to cope with these hard times, art has become as important as any medicine.

You can become creative with any form of art – wall painting, sculpting, crocheting, or crafting. The best thing about art is that you don’t have to follow any rules, unless, you want to win an award or something. 

Among other arts, modern art is quite popular these days. These arts were created between the years 1860-and 1970 and became one of the famous art movements.

This art movement has been shaped by our modern society, culture, and thoughts. By studying this type of art and recreating them in your own way you can also contribute to the history of art more or less.

Not to forget, you can use your creativity to surprise your close ones and show off your skills as well.

Inspiration from some of the famous modern artists

If you are hesitating to begin with your creation, we have some inspiration for you. Here are some of the most famous modern artists who made great masterpieces that we see in the museums today.

Pablo Picasso 

Even those who have no interest in art must have heard the name “Picasso” at least a few dozen times in his life. The master artist was the most important figure of the modern art movement. He created some of the greatest paintings that paved the way for other modern artists later. His most famous oil painting “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon” is a monumental wall art today among other masterpieces.

Claude Monet

The famous sunrise painting that you must have seen on Google is done by the great modern artist – Claude Monet. The painting called “Impression, Sunrise” can instantly give you a boost to start your creativity. The beautiful modern art represents the impressionism art style in which you use rapid, small strokes of the brush to bring your creativity to life.

Vincent Van Gogh

The eccentric 19-century Dutch painter had suffered from mental illness and found solace in art. Van Gogh was living in an asylum in France after a huge breakdown and self-mutilation when he painted his most famous painting “Starry Night”.

The artist had found solace in his art when he was passing through a terrible stage of life. Art gave him hope and peace that he couldn’t find anywhere else. 

Modern art as therapy

Art has a way to calm our minds and bring peace easily. Therapists encourage creativity to bring stability and a sense of peace. The healing way of art can help you deal with the chaotic world a lot more easily.

So, start being creative with whatever interests you – be it modern art, contemporary, or any other artwork and free your mind.

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