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Lighting for statues

Lighting for Statues: Things You Should Consider About

Lights are magical. With the right placement and angle, they can make even the most ordinary object appear extraordinary. Even something creative as statues need good lighting for us to see their best features. Because when it’s dark, we can’t see the beauty of the sculptures as perfectly as we can see them in the daylight. 

That’s why, we need lighting for statues, so you can enjoy the view of your sculpture any time – regardless of the absence of natural light.

However, just buying some random lights won’t do the job. You have to consider a few things before buying lighting for your statue.

Find the best feature of your sculpture

Just like every smart person works – enhances their best features and hides the imperfections – we need to do the same for the sculptures as well. 

Find out what is the best part of your sculpture. And then, place and angle the light or several lights to bring out the best feature in light. 

Since in the dark, the light can play with the shadow of your sculpture, make sure the shadows don’t fall over the wrong places. Otherwise, your statue will look like something else than what it is.

Get the appropriate lighting for statues

Before buying your light, you have to check the ratings and make sure that the lighting is suitable for the environment. 

If it’s an outdoor sculpture, then either you have to place the lighting in the shade where bad weather can’t affect it or get the lighting that can withstand the rain, storm, etc. Also, consider any types of electrical hazards before placing your lights.  

Consider the varieties of lights

You can enhance the magnificence of your sculpture with the right kind of lighting. You can find various types of lighting for statues in the market from where you can choose something that compliments your object of focus. 

Smartly create shadows

Just as lighting is important for your statue, the shadow also plays a great role in making the object look more interesting. To get the best view, you can try adjusting the light angle. Once you’re satisfied, your sculpture will look more mysterious in the nighttime.

Don’t forget about lighting pollution

It’s thoughtful to manage your lighting placement and brightness so that it doesn’t bother any of the nearby residents. If you put the lighting at a bad angle, it might bother the neighbors and get you into trouble as well.

So, make sure you place your lighting for statues smartly so as to avoid any type of problem mentioned above.

These tips above will help you find the best lighting for sculptures and give you an otherworldly view of the sculpture even at night time.

Types of lights to consider 

There are many types of lights from which you can choose whatever enhances your statue the most. Just make sure the light of your choice gives off enough brightness to lighten up your statue in the best way possible. Flood light, outdoor wall lighting, spotlights, etc. work nicely as lighting for statues.

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